Fort Worth Chapter

Fort Worth Chapter

P.O. Box 123362
Fort Worth, TX 76116

HELPLINE: 877-893-7434

The Fort Worth Chapter of Bikers Against Child Abuse works in conjunction with agencies in Denton, Tarrant, Johnson and Wise counties to support and empower abused children. Our members are a diverse group of individuals from all walks of life who love riding their bikes and helping kids. They share the common bond of motorcycling and a yearning in our hearts to help children.

We are not a weekend riding club. We are a volunteer organization that lends our time and biker image to empower children to no longer feel afraid of the world in which they live and give them the confidence to testify against their abuser.

Meetings are open to the public and are generally held at 2pm on the fourth Sunday of each month. For more details regarding the specific dates and locations, please email New Member Coordinator

For any other questions, please reach out to the persons below or use HOTLINE: 877-893-7434

Executive Positions

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President – Riser

Vice-President – Attica

Child Liaison – Tarrant/Johnson Counties – Jersey Girl

Child Liaison – Denton/Wise Counties – Swirl

Court Liaison – Gampy and Lady Dragonfly

Agency/Community Liaisons – Clutch and Ref

New Member Coordinator – Millstone

To make a Referral, use the email button for the county the child resides in.
Please provide brief details such as age, boy or girl, brief overview regarding the reason for referral in your email.