Brazos Valley Chapter

Brazos Valley Chapter

P.O. Box 2074
Bryan, Tx 77806

HELPLINE: (888) 662-2420

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The Brazos Valley Chapter works in the following counties and is based in the Bryan/College Station area:
Brazos, Milam, Robertson, Leon, Burleson, Madison, Washington and Grimes

Meetings are on the 2nd SATURDAY of each month at 4PM.. Please use the email form below to contact us for the location.

Executive Positions

President – Nox

Vice President – Warden

Sergeant At Arms – Giant

Treasurer – Saint

Secretary –  Vette

Appointed Positions

Child Liaison – Critter

Merchandiser – 2×4

Events Coordinator – Merica

IT Administrator – Saint

Brazos Valley Chapter History

The Brazos Valley Chapter was born out of a desire to help the kids of Brenham and the surrounding areas.

We see them every day, walking past, eyes cast down, head hung low, and shoulders slumped. Society refuses to believe they exist, Case workers are overwhelmed with them, and on it continues.

So how do you make a change, a difference, an impact?

You focus your thoughts, passions and beliefs into a single channel.

But where?

This is where Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) comes in. It welcomes the combination and requires a commitment few are willing to give. That is where the story begins.

To start a BACA Chapter, you must first become a patched member of another chapter. This requires a commitment of at least a year to be patched and a continued show of dedication even after that.

Second, you must assemble at least 5 individuals who are also patched to fill the Officer positions of the Chapter.

Third, you must exhibit your commitment through diligence in working with the local officials as well as supporting other Chapters.

In late 2005, Brazos Valley had earned the right to be formed as a chapter. However, just because you become a chapter, doesn’t mean you get to stay a chapter.

Many individuals look to join the Chapter thinking this is a weekend ride group. They quickly learn that this is not a social group or a Motorcycle Club. We are a group committed to our kids, and will not let anyone stand in our way.

Still the commitment and dedication is there to convince the State BACA board to uphold and continue the Brazos Valley Charter.

The years crawl past, still difficult to open doors and get people to understand who you are, what you are and what you mean. How can a volunteer organization, looking as we do be commited to this level.

We give of our time as easily as we breathe, we don’t understand why this isn’t seen, felt or understood.

2007 brings with it a new hope and a renewed passion. It brings with it the first Brazos Valley adoption. This event is momentous in the life of a Chapter. It marks years of dedication, devotion and determination. Sadly, only the Family will truly know the extent of the impact that this has.

In early 2008, after several years of prospects showing for 1 or 2 meetings before realizing what the commitment meant and what it called for, a few stayed and the chapter began to grow.

From the original 7, we stand proudly at 29 members and are growing. Each with their own level of commitment, each with their own level of drive, ALL with a singular focus.

Our kids.

Most think that because we are Bikers, that we are not as diverse as we are. We are Line Workers, Managers, Entrepreneurs, Business Men and Women from all walks of life. BACA is not about who you are or where you are from. It is about what you stand for.

Use the form below to email the chapter president.

Chapter Meetings are held on the second Sunday of each month.
For more information on meeting location or time, please use the email form above to contact us.