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Texas Victory Page November 2012

November  28, 2012-  Our hero Pixel had her day today and watched as her perp admitted his guilt and received 180 days with 5 years supervised probation. During that time he cannot come within 1000ft of a park and 500ft of a school. He will not be able to have any contact with anyone under 18 other than his kids. He will also have a monthly polygraph requiring questions related to his case. Should he violate any of his conditions including a kid at his house with one of his kids, he most likely will serve the full 5. Family wished for more but are more than happy that this is over and that they can finally move on. Pixel’s Grandmother read the impact statement which brought the perp to tears as well as most everyone else present in the courtroom. She had a tough time making it through but again BACA support helped her though it. Instead of ice cream, Pixel wanted to celebrate with Chinese food!
Thank you so much to Gulf Coastwho took Pixel in when the family moved to the Houston area and escorted them here for court. Also thanks to Lost Pines and Austin who helped us give Pixel the support she needed.Today was a great reminder of why it is that we do what we do! Thanks again to ALL BACA brothers and sisters.

November  26, 2012-  Our little hero had quite a busy time.
Emergency LVL1 last weekend then an escorted ride from Texas to Louisiana and
from Louisiana to Mississippi. Then meet up with B.A.C.A. in Alabama last night
and into court today!And today she got her justice!

Skittles perp took a plea on 2nd degree sexual assault of a child a felony and
was released with time served(sucks) but will have to register as a sex offender
for life! He will have to check in every couple of months and it is expected
that he will screw up as he has a drug problem.

Her Grand Mother told us that she went into court head held high and kicked some
butt! She said she was proud of herself and felt at ease and safe withe her new
brothers and sisters!

This was an AWESOME example of how ONE B.A.C.A. can work to help a child across

November  19, 2012-The verdict is in for WARRIOR PRINCESS’s perp – guilty on all five counts and he is sentenced to five life sentences in prison! After two long days of testimony and waiting on deliberation, WARRIOR PRINCESS can move on to bigger and better things and rest assured she defines the word HERO! Way to go, WARRIOR PRINCESS!
November  12, 2012-  We had a short day today.   Took the jury 30 minutes to finally come to a  decision.   Perp was charged with 2 counts of Indecency with a child.   He was found guilty on count 1, and not guilty on count 2.   We have to wait for sentencing, the perp has decided to have a PSI done (sentencing investigation).  That could take up to 60 days, the attorney is going to try to get it done before christmas.    They did haul him off to jail and Giveer got to see him walk through the BIG door that leads to  the jail.    That child could not stop smiling !!!     Thank You to Whoops, Nina, Tardy, and Tuxman.   Was a good day !!!I will post as soon as I have a date for sentencing.

November  11, 2012-  The Woodbine chapter welcomed COWGIRL into the family with a cozy ceremony including her family and friends as well as her new BACA brothers and sisters. From the beginning with all on bended knee to ending with races – COWGIRL knows BACA has her back! Welcome our new hero, COWGIRL!
November  03, 2012-  Austin Chapter would like to welcome Cookie Bandit to the Baca family.  They had more than 50 people and motorcycles in attendance.  Thanks for all y’all do.

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